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This lamp is my first lamp from the famous English porcelain manufacturer Moore Brothers in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent (approx. 1872–1905). Moore Brothers were particularly famous in the UK for their porcelain pieces made with an innovative combination of cherubs and plants. They masterfully understood how to use the putti enthusiasm of the time very skillfully by equipping porcelain pieces (vases, dishes, centerpieces, lamps, etc.) with different numbers of putti combined with realistically reproduced plants (Christmas cactus, blackberries, orchids, etc.). These pieces fetch high prices in the UK and US antiques trade.

The base area of this lamp consists of three cherubs who sit on a triangular pedestal and reflect thoughtfully. As usual, the font is decorated with the tendrils and flowers of the Christmas cactus.

There were many small porcelain repairs necessary on my lamp, but they were carried out masterfully by my porcelain repairman, Mr. Kühnel. A total of 5 flower tips, 3 cactus prongs, 1 cherub finger were missing. In addition, it turned out that during an earlier restoration (the bottom was broken and stuck together) certain parts of the lamp had been painted over with a paint that was now showing cracks, especially on the bottom around the putti.

A Duplex burner from Messenger, a matching Duplex chimney and a colourless Victorian tulip etched with floral motifs completed the lamp.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Burner with globe holder, glass chimney and tulip shade.

Cleaning and repairs:
Base area cleaned, broken flower tips etc. replaced, existing cracks filled and painted over.

Lamp body:
Triangular porcelain base with three putti sitting on a "tree trunk". Side length of the base approx. 20 cm. Transition to the font in the form of a wicker basket. The edge of the base and the wicker basket are painted gold; but the colour is dull. Moore Brothers signature under base (illegible).
Font made of rounded porcelain, decorated with cactus tendrils and flowers, Ø 165 mm without cactus parts. Bayonet collar marked: Messenger's patent.

Duplex burner of Messenger & Co., Birmingham, with gallery raiser and flame extinguisher. Bayonet fitting.
Cap bridge marked: Messenger's Patent.
Wick knobs marked: Messenger's Patent Duplex No.2. Black glass inlays.
Two flat wicks 27 mm each and a transport wick.

Glass chimney:
Duplex chimney with oval bulge. Height 257 mm, Ø fitter 64 mm.
Marked: Made in Czechoslovakia.

Shade and shade holder:
British tulip shade, colourless glass, frosted, transparent ornaments, fluted top rim.
Height 156 mm, Ø fitter 102 and top rim 205 mm.
100 mm globe holder for 20’’’ burners, integral part of the burner.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 27.5 cm, total height with chimney 57.0 cm.
Total weight 3620 g.