© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


A high-quality French hanging lamp (lampe à suspension) in which the inserted lamp can also function independently as a table lamp. In this respect, French hanging lamps differ from all other comparable hanging lamps from other countries.

The hanging device of the lamp has a platform at the bottom on which the independent insert lamp can be placed. The insert lamps have an appropriately sized round base at the bottom. Of course, the insert lamps do not have their own shades, as the hanging lamp has a large glass shade.

The insert lamp of this hanging lamp has a ceramic vase from the French ceramic manufacturer Gien, painted with the Italian Renaissance motifs. Since I consider a burner with a gallery raiser and extinguisher to be more practical for hanging lamps, I have put a corresponding large burner (Bec Cyrano by Emil Sommerfeld) on here.

Almost all parts of the hanging device are made of cast brass. The counterweight is made of sheet brass filled with lead. Even the pull chains are made of brass. Whether this would be the case with all French suspension lamps, I do not know. This lamp is my only French suspension lamp.

A problem arose with the base of the insert lamp: the lower brass base slipped in unevenly, so that the lamp had a visible slant when placed on a table. I soldered on pieces of brass to make the depth of the base even.




Lamp Data

Added by me:
Burner and glass chimney.

Cleaning and repairs:
All metal parts cleaned and polished. Base of the insert lamp stabilised on the inside with brass parts.

Lamp body of the insert lamp:
Base of profiled stepped brass sheet, Ø 113 mm.
Ceramic vase by Gien with painted Renaissance motifs; inside handwritten: 039 HK. Vase Ø 165 mm. Insert lamp separately usable as table lamp.
Font made of galvanised sheet iron, soldered under the font lid made of stepped sheet brass, hidden in the vase. Lid Ø 101 mm.

20’’’ Regulus burner of Emil Sommerfeld, Berlin, for export, with gallery raiser and extinguisher.
Wick knob marked: Bec Cyrano 20''' AN Déposé Importé. Black glass inlay.
Original flame disc with type of Hat-on-sieve-tube.
Flat wick 105 mm.

Glass chimney:
20’’’ Matador chimney. Height 283 mm, Ø fitter 63 mm.
Marked: Cristal Supérieur 20''' + crown in garland.

Shade and shade holder:
Rochester shade, white milk glass colourless overlay, flat upper rim.
Height 222 mm, Ø fitter 348 mm.
Ornate shade holder 350 mm of openwork brass sheet, suspended in an ornate hanging device of cast brass with counterweight, variable in height. Lamp total Ø 47 cm.

Lamp dimensions of the insert lamp:
Height up to collar 24.5 cm, total height with chimney 57.5 cm.
Total weight 1420 g.

Total lamp dimensions of the hanging lamp:
Total height 124 cm minimum, 151 cm maximum.
Total weight 11.0 kg.