© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


A typical British lamp with a pyramid-shaped base made of cast iron and a font made of clear, green glass. In case you wonder why I have included such a rather simple lamp in the collection, here is the story of this lamp:

The former French Moderator lamp in painted porcelain by Samson, Edmé & Cie (L.329) came with a British flat burner by Young, which did not even fit properly in the collar. So I removed this burner from there. Now I was looking for a British lamp for this burner. The lamp should have a collar for 10-line Kosmos burners, because the thread of Young's flat burner happens to fit it.

After a long search I found this British lamp that actually had a 10''' Kosmos burner, which is really something rare for the UK. The Kosmos burner went to another lamp. However, the collar was cemented so crookedly that I sawed it off and removed it of necessity. A new collar fitted Young's burner perfectly and was cemented in place.

The pyramid base of the lamp was painted white. I removed this colour with caustic soda and painted the foot with a black patina colour after treating it with rust converter. Now the base looks authentic again.

The only possible chimney was a Vienna chimney with a wide bulge. The simple lamp was actually finished; but I was missing an adequate shade on the lamp. After some hesitation, I mounted a wide American gas tulip on it so as not to leave the lamp without a shade. I combined two globe holders for the shade. I think the large American globe holder with its decoration on the side suits the tulip quite well.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Font collar, burner, glass chimney, tulip shade and two globe holders.

Cleaning and repairs:
Base decoloured with sodium hydroxide solution, treated with rust converter and painted with black patina paint. The collar on the font has been replaced.

Lamp body:
Base as typical British pyramid base of cast iron, square, 137 x 137 mm, Ø 187 mm. Painted with white colour (now repainted in black). Marked under the foot: RD - 49 - 53 - 99 - FS & - COL - DL - G.
Font of green transparent glass, vertically wide ribbed, Ø 136 mm. Removable font.

11’’’ Brilliant flat burner of Young, Birmingham, burner thread 32.6 mm.
Wick knob marked: Young's Brilliant No.2 - 1 In Wick. Wick knob back: decorative pattern.
Flat wick 27 mm.

Glass chimney:
Vienna chimney with wide bulge. Height 270 mm, Ø fitter 53 mm.
Marked: Fire Proof - Made in Czechoslovakia + anchor (brand barely visible).

Shade and shade holder:
American tulip shade for gas lamps, colourless glass, frosted, cameo-etched flowers, fluted top rim. Lipped fitter.
Height 114 mm, Ø fitter 100 and top rim 203 mm.
Globe holder combined from two globe holders: American ornate 100 mm globe holder for 20''' burners and 70 mm globe holder for 10''' burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 25.2 cm, total height with chimney 54.5 cm.
Total weight 1770 g.