© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


A decorative glass lamp made of light blue milk glass that is very attractively painted. The origin of the lamp could be Germany or Austria. Lamp is probably made before 1900; a somewhat more precise dating is not possible for me.

The lamp is different from other, ordinary glass lamps. With its elegant goblet shape, beautiful blue colour and of course the finely painted bird motif, it was certainly made for discerning customers. The vase flaunts a colourfully painted bird sitting on a branch and stretching its wings. The colour choice of both the bird and the leaves is very colourful, almost expressionistic. The font on top is also painted with small scattered flowers.

The burner basket of the supplied burner was damaged, I replaced the entire burner. The replacement burner from BJB has a special feature: Both letters "S" from Kosmos are printed reversed!

I was able to acquire an equally fine ball shade by Baccarat to go with this high-quality lamp. Since this shade is without a slip fitter, I had to construct an 85 mm globe holder from two globe holders to give the shade a secure stand.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Burner, glass chimney, tulip shade and additional globe holder.

Cleaning and repairs:
Matching combination globe holder made out of two globe holders.

Lamp body:
Lamp body of light blue milk glass, round, hand-painted with bird, plants and white dots (fine enamel painting), decorative lines of gold (rubbed off in places). Without tear-off hole. Foot marked at the bottom: 4. Foot Ø 136 mm. Vase top rim with brass ring, Ø 110 mm.
Drop-in font made of the same glass as the lamp body, painted with little flowers. Ø 127 mm. Bottom of the font marked: 4.

10’’’ Kosmos burner of Brökelmann, Jaeger & Busse, Neheim (Germany).
Wick knob marked: Kosmos-Brenner (both "S" printed in reverse)!
Flat wick 52 mm.

Glass chimney:
10’’’ Kosmos chimney. Height 250 mm, Ø fitter 40 mm.
Marked: Cristal 10''' + crown.

Shade and shade holder:
Ball shade by Baccarat, colourless frosted glass, deep-etched motifs, 2 brass rings. Without slip fitter.
Height 167 mm, Ø bottom opening 60 and bulge 172 mm.
Combined globe holder consisting of a 70 mm globe holder for 10''' burners and an 85 mm globe holder for 14'''/15''' burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 28.3 cm, total height with chimney 56.9 cm.
Total weight 1760 g.