© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


A majolica lamp with a distinctly Art Nouveau decor and with a Vesta shade in a striking Art Nouveau shape. This lamp absolutely had to come to me. It is dated 1900-1910. Country of origin possibly Germany, probably also Austria.

The majolica vase in crimson colour has only leaf motifs as decoration; however, these are skilfully applied in relief and painted to match each other. The font lid has the same ornamentation. The vase was probably damaged at the upper edge and was painted over with matching paint, so that the damage is only noticeable on close inspection. There is also a vertical hairline crack on the inside.

The cast zinc base is made of very elaborate piercing work. It had been painted over with a bronze paint. The paint had become quite dull with time. I bronzed the base using my method with brass wax.

The extravagantly shaped Vesta shade is painted with stylised flowers. Interestingly, the painting of the shade harmonises well with the lamp vase, although the shapes of the decorations do not match.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Glass chimney.

Cleaning and repairs:
The zinc cast base primed with shoe polish and bronzed with brass wax (Laiton).

Lamp body:
Base of multiple openwork zinc casting on 4 feet, lacquered with bronze paint (colour dull), Ø 173 mm.
Vase of crimson majolica with leaf motifs in relief, Art Nouveau, Ø 161 mm. A hairline crack and a larger (probably damaged) spot on the upper rim, painted over with matching colour.
Drop-in font of clear glass, with majolica lid matching the vase. Lid Ø 141 mm.

20’’’ Matador burner of Ehrich & Graetz, Berlin.
Wick knob marked: Logo of Ehrich & Graetz.
Wick knob ring marked: 20''' Matador-Brenner.
Original flame disc, marked: 20''' Matador.
Flat wick 91 mm.

Glass chimney:
20’’’ Matador chimney. Height 280 mm, Ø fitter 64 mm.
Marked: 20''' Matador Prima Boheems Glas Schutzmarke + Logo of E&G.

Shade and shade holder:
Vesta shade, white milk glass, Art Nouveau shape, painted flowers, upper rim fluted.
Height 170 mm, Ø fitter 232 and bulge 282 mm.
235 mm shade holder for 20’’’ burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 25.0 cm, total height with chimney 59.6 cm.
Total weight 2790 g.