© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


A fairly common majolica lamp with the usual stylised painted flowers. The lamp came from Austria, but with a German burner. Here it was more the interesting ball shade that contributed to the decision to buy. There are similarly painted lamps by almost all German and Austrian lamp manufacturers. An assignment to a manufacturer without catalogue pictures is therefore almost impossible.

The base is made of fine, baroque zinc casting, which was once painted with bronze paint. This bronze paint was removed by chemical methods, and therefore the foot is superficially damaged in places by lye or acid corrosion. I cleaned the foot as well as possible, sanded off damaged areas, primed it with black shoe polish and then bronzed it with brass wax.

The majolica body is beautifully painted, but has many glaze cracks, which are even more pronounced on the lid. The lid is slightly darker than the vase.

The glass globe is cut in the lower half with beautiful but sparse floral motifs.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Burner, glass chimney and globe holder.

Cleaning and repairs:
The cast zinc base primed with shoe polish and bronzed with brass wax (Laiton).

Lamp body:
Base of cast zinc, round, with baroque pattern (originally painted with bronze paint, now completely rubbed off), Ø 156 mm.
Vase of light beige majolica, hand-painted flowers, glaze cracks, top with a brass ring on the rim, Ø 153 mm.
Drop-in font of clear glass, with lid of majolica matching the vase. Lid somewhat darker than the vase and with many glaze cracks, Ø 143 mm.

15’’’ Matador burner of Ehrich & Graetz, Berlin.
Wick knob marked: Matador 15'''. Black glass insert.
Wick knob ring marked: 15''' Matadorbrenner.
Original flame disc, marked: 15''' Matador.
Flat wick 69 mm.

Glass chimney:
15’’’ Matador chimney. Height 263 mm, Ø fitter 53 mm.
Marked: Schutz-Marke - Logo E&G - 15''' Wunder - 16''' Salvator - Prima Boheems Glas.

Shade and shade holder:
Ball shade, colourless glass, frosted on top, transparent with cut motifs on the bottom.
Height 165 mm, Ø fitter 86 and bulge 180 mm.
85 mm globe holder for 14’’’/15’’’ burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 24.0 cm, total height with chimney 54.7 cm.
Total weight 2380 g.