© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


This majolica lamp is a hanging lamp converted into a table lamp. The majolica vase incl. font used to belong to a hanging lamp. At some point, the support arms of the cast-iron hanging device were sawn off and a base made of turned brass was attached to the vase. This created a table lamp, the most beautiful part of which is the majolica vase, which also inspired me to buy it.

The majolica vase and the font lid are decorated and painted in a charming rococo style. The pattern (framed medallions in very dark, almost black blue, vine lattices, flowers) is reminiscent of cheerful rococo garden arbours. The cast iron ring of the hanging device is attached to the rim of the vase at the top. The three knobs are the remaining stubs of the original support arms.

The burner supplied is a Reform burner from Wild & Wessel (presumably after the takeover from Hugo Schneider). The logo on the wick wheel is probably for a dealer. A second example of the same burner (with the same logo) is marked "Patent Breveté" on the wick tube.

Years later, I fitted the lamp with a very beautiful painted Vesta shade that matched the colour well. This gave the lamp a much more harmonious and high-quality appearance. Of course, the lamp is not an authentically preserved example; rather it has a unique character. Because of the charming rococo design, it will remain in my collection.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Glass chimney, Vesta shade and shade holder.

Cleaning and repairs:
Not necessary.

Lamp body:
Base and column of heavy, solid, turned brass, round, Ø 136 mm (base made later).
Vase of polychrome painted majolica with rococo motifs. Top set off with a decorated ring of cast iron (painted with bronze paint). Ø 139 mm. This ring was originally part of a hanging lamp.
Drop-in font of white milk glass, with majolica lid painted to match the vase, lid Ø 130 mm.

14’’’ Reform Kosmos burner of Wild & Wessel, Berlin, presumably for dealers.
Wick knob marked: Kosmos=Brenner.
Flat wick 66 mm.

Glass chimney:
14’’’ Kalthoff chimney. Height 280 mm, Ø fitter 53 mm.
Marked: Deutscher Reform-Cylinder 14''' + lion.

Shade and shade holder:
Vesta shade, white milk glass, painted flowers, upper rim fluted and frilled in skirt shape.
Height 197 mm, Ø fitter 232 and bulge 260 mm.
235 mm shade holder for 14’’’/15’’’ burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 28.4 cm, total height with chimney 60.0 cm.
Total weight 4000 g.