© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


A large, expansive hanging lamp with majolica vase in Art Nouveau style and 6 support arms, each containing a candle holder. Especially with these candle holders on the sides, the lamp makes a very imposing picture. Probably of German manufacture from about 1900-1910.

The large majolica vase is painted with flowers and leaves in relief in a rather playful, floral Art Nouveau style. The background colour of the vase and the font lid are slightly different. The 6 supporting arms are made of very elaborately designed cast iron, each with a sculptured lion in the centre. The porcelain smoke bell under the counterweight is a find from Ghent.

This lamp has a tulip shade instead of a Rochester shade. A few years later I was able to buy a larger painted Art Nouveau tulip shade that matches the colour scheme excellently and has now completed the lamp in a very stylish way. This tulip shade is a new production from Poland, from an old mould of the former S. Reich glassworks.

The 6 candle holders had been perforated so that an electric cable could be pulled through. Most likely, the lamp had been electrified at one time. I filled up these holes. A former owner had sprayed the lamp with brass paint; and this paint had become somewhat darker and duller over time. I therefore primed the entire lamp with dark shoe polish and bronzed it with brass wax.

I replaced the supplied Kosmos burner with a 20’’’ Matador burner with lifter and extinguisher. The glass chimney is actually for 25’’’ Universal burner, but from the height it is well suited for the tulip shade.

I have fitted the six candle holders with glass drip trays and hung them uniformly with a total of 36 crystal drops, which has made the lamp more elegant (but unfortunately also heavier).



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Smoke bell, burner with flame disc, glass chimney, tulip shade, globe holder, drip prays and chrystal drops.

Cleaning and repairs:
Lamp completely re-bronzed with brass wax.

Lamp body:
Colourfully painted majolica vase in pure Art Nouveau style, Ø 170 mm. Connected with 6 supporting arms of multiple openwork cast iron with lion motifs via an additional metal ring. Decorated knob at the bottom for height adjustment.
Drop-in font of clear glass, cemented under majolica lid. Lid Ø 152 mm.
Hanging device of decorated cast iron parts, pull chains, counterweight and porcelain smoke bell. Lamp variable in height. Lamp total Ø 65 cm.

20’’’ Matador burner of Ehrich & Graetz, Berlin, with gallery lifter and extinguisher, produced for export.
Wick knob marked: Star logo of Ehrich & Graetz for export.
Original flame disc with hat on sieve tube, with bayonet slot for locking, without mark.
Flat wick 85 mm.

Glass chimney:
25’’’ Matador chimney with slim bulge. Height 316 mm, Ø fitter 63 mm.
Marked: Prima - Böhmisches Cristall - Universal 25''' + Logo Giessing.

Shade and shade holder:
Tulip shade, light green glass, frosted, embossed, painted flowers, gold-framed crown, top rim fluted. New production from an old mould by the S. Reich glassworks.
Height 219 mm, Ø fitter 95 and bulge 180 mm.
95 mm globe holder for 20’’’ burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Total height 143 cm minimum, 178 cm maximum.
Total weight 14.5 kg (without candles; with crystal hangings).