© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


An unusual reading lamp by the French lamp producer Peigniet-Changeur, firstly because it is not shown in the catalogue, and secondly because it does not bear the company logo. On the other hand, the entire design is clearly by Peigniet-Changeur, even the shade holder is original. This lamp is probably a later design. In contrast to my other lamp by Peigniet-Changeur (L.057), I did not have to do any work on this lamp except for cleaning the porcelain parts.

The lamp base and the lamp body as a kerosene/paraffin tank are made of dark cobalt blue glazed and elaborately gold painted porcelain. Apart from a few scratch marks, there is no damage or chips. The golden painting is also very well preserved.

The central support rod is - as with all Peigniet-Changeur reading lamps - worked like a wide rack. With the typical spring mechanism, one can firmly lock the kerosene/paraffin container at a certain height.

I cannot say whether the Vesta shade is an original part of the lamp. In my opinion, it fits the lamp very well, both in size and in colour. I think the shade is very well done.

The burner was once again a 15-line Matador burner, which came without a flame disc and looked too large for this rather delicate lamp. I had already an Olga burner from Lempereur & Bernard for a very long time. It fitted this lamp perfectly, as I also had the matching Olga chimney. And with them the lamp was completed very nicely and harmoniously.




Lamp Data

Added by me:
Burner and glass chimney.

Cleaning and repairs:
Not necessary.

Lamp body:
Base and lamp body made of dark cobalt blue glazed porcelain in the typical Peigniet-Changeur design. Base Ø 165 mm. Height of the rod 49.9 cm. Length of porcelain body 235 mm, width 124 mm. Lamp body variable in height.
Lamp body is at the same time font. Extra filler without brand or logo.

12’’’ Olga burner of Lempereur & Bernard, Liège.
Wick knob marked: Brevetes L&B.
Flame disc with Hat-on-sieve-tube type.
Flat wick 67 mm.

Glass chimney:
12’’’ Olga chimney (Matador type with slim bulge). Height 244 mm, Ø fitter 48 mm.
Marked: VB - Lyon Olga 12''' - Fabrication Française.

Shade and shade holder:
Vesta shade, white milk glass overlaid with dark pink, vertically ribbed, flat upper rim.
Height 109 mm, Ø fitter 153 and bulge 162 mm.
155 mm shade holder, original by Peigniet-Changeur.

Lamp dimensions:
Total height with chimney 49.9 cm minimum (height of the central rod), 71.1 cm maximum.
Total weight 2870 g.