© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


A large American student lamp by Edward Miller & Co. with lateral invert font and Duplex burner. The original lamp can be seen in the 1904 catalogue by Edward Miller. Only the shade shown is slightly different: it is shown in the catalogue with fine vertical ribs. Presumably the shade on my lamp was made somewhat later.

The lamp differs in form and function from the traditional Kleemann student lamps; here, a regular Duplex burner has been used instead of an Argand burner. Wick drive as usual via two wick knobs. The font under the burner is larger and holds more kerosene/paraffin. The lamp is more expansive and has a large shade of 10 inches.

The burner is a Duplex burner by Plume & Atwood. However, the same burner also exists with marking E M (= Edward Miller) as well as B H (= Bradley & Hubbard). However, all three burners have different basket and gallery decorations. Presumably, the original burner was replaced at some point with the identical P&A burner.

The shade holder supplied was far too wide for the burner gallery, so I replaced it with another shade holder of almost the same design, which was the right size for the burner. I replaced the Matador chimney supplied with a round Duplex chimney.

The lamp burns very nicely and gives a homely light through the green shade.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Glass chimney and shade holder.

Cleaning and repairs:
Soldered the extinguisher spring. Central post bent to shape. Corrected the dents on the brass plate of the base. Glued the leaky connection of the side container with Stabilit.

Lamp body:
Base is heavy cast iron with round shaped brass plate above, Ø 178 mm.
The central post is brass-plated iron. Total height of base and post 52 cm. The height of the lamp is variable.
The lateral invert font made of brass sheet, concealed in an outer container of sheet brass, Ø 127 mm, is connected to the burner with a brass tube.

USA #2 Duplex burner of Plume & Atwood, USA, with extinguisher. Burner thread 46 mm.
Two wick knobs, marked: P A Duplex. Wick knob back: Made in U.S.A.
Two flat wicks, each 27 mm; additional transport wick.

Glass chimney:
British Duplex chimney with round bulge. Height 250 mm, Ø fitter 65 mm. Without brand.

Shade and shade holder:
Vesta shade, white milk glass overlaid in dark green, vertically broadly divided ("melon shape"), flat upper rim.
Height 153 mm, Ø fitter 249 and bulge 263 mm.
250 mm shade holder for USA #2 burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Height minimum 52.0 cm (height of the central post), total height with chimney maximum 76.6 cm.
Total weight 5070 g.