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Overview of the Lamps

In this overview, all 365 lamps in the collection are listed in order of their number, each with a small photo. By clicking on a lamp, its large photo appears on a large black background. This photo is identical to the large individual photo in the lamp's fact sheet. To the left and right of the large black field, small arrows appear that allow you to move to the previous (arrow to the left - scroll backwards) or next (arrow to the right - scroll forwards) lamp photo. Clicking on this large window takes you back to the catalogue view.


Arrows and icons in the enlarged view of the lamp


Icons appear at the top right edge of the window in the enlarged view. Their meaning is explained in the photo above. During the optional slide show, the monitor changes to the next photo every few seconds.



IMPORTANT!  Please be sure to read before looking at the Catalogue of the Lamps.
Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have not been able to find suitable software that would have enabled us to link the lamp photos in the catalogue directly to the corresponding fact sheets of the lamps.
If you want to go from a lamp photo in the catalogue to the fact sheet of that lamp in order to read all the relevant information about it, you have to type in the lamp number in the "Search" field on the home page. The second hit displayed is almost always the fact sheet. The computer's back button takes you back to the Catalogue of the Lamps.



Here the procedure is illustrated step by step using the example of lamp L.084:


The line from the catalogue with lamp L.084


Go to the website (with the corresponding tab on the top menu bar of the computer), scroll the page up or down until the "Search" field appears on the left side. Type the number of the lamp (here, for example, L.084) into the search field and then press the Enter key.


Left: The "Search" field on the home page
Right: L.084 typed in the search field (framed in pink)


A window appears with all hits that contain the word you are looking for (here L.084).


The result of the search for "L.084"


The search for L.084 yields two hits, the second of which is already the desired fact sheet of the lamp (“lamp084” framed in pink here - the fact sheets are internally coded with "lampxxx" in the English version of the website). If you click on it, the fact sheet appears.

To return to the catalogue, click the back button on the computer.