© Tsekyi Thür


Do you have one of those old “oil lamps” in your home that may have come into your hands as an heirloom from your grandparents or parents and you just didn't throw it away because it was a family heirloom?

Or maybe you bought one of these lamps at a flea market or antique market because it looked so nostalgic and you wanted to put it up on some sideboard?

Perhaps you have even started collecting such old lamps because they are so wonderfully reminiscent of the "good old days" and spread a homely atmosphere, but you don't really know much about them?

Regardless of why and from where your interest in these lamps was aroused, you will learn a lot about them on this website, possibly close gaps in your knowledge, and possibly, inspired by the photos in the gallery section, start systematically looking for and buying such lamps, repair, collect...

It is therefore also clear that at least the information part of this website is primarily aimed at “beginners”, those who are still at the beginning of a collection idea and cannot find any information or literature on it. The passionate collectors who call several hundred (or several thousand!) lamps their own and also have in-depth information about this collection area and their objects will not discover anything new here; because they already know about all the details. But I hope they too could discover some beautiful, rare, interesting lamps in the collection, or send me corrections or further information where I write something wrong or where my information is simply insufficient...

I will try to put together the information that is necessary to collect and care for the old kerosene/paraffin lamps, at least initially. I am fully aware that I can never answer all the questions that come up, and I'm not the one that you will consult the historical background and technical development steps, because I don't know them well myself and spreading half-truths doesn't really help anyone.