© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür


This huge lamp is an incredible find on eBay UK! It is one of the rare lamps made by Fourmaintraux Frères in Desvres (on the northern coast of France), which must have been produced for the American market, because it bears the simple designation "France" at the bottom and has a typical American #3 collar. That's just amazing: a French lamp with an American font collar and offered on eBay Great Britain...

A large lamp painted in the Delft manner is extremely rare. Only a few mini lamps with Stern burners with very simple, casual painting appear on eBay. This lamp here, on the other hand, is of an extraordinary size. Not only is it very large and immaculately preserved, it is also completely hand-painted with 6 different Dutch landscapes (typical Delft scenes) and exuberant floral decorations.

The lamp stands on a large, triangular base with 3 feet that merge into a baluster-shaped column. This column is also triangular, and features 3 Dutch coastal scenes in the lower part. The 6-cornered font, which is firmly attached to the column, again shows 3 beautiful coastal scenes, which correspond to the scenes painted below.

I originally intended to remove the American #3 font collar (46 mm thread) and replace it with a European collar. However, one of my replacement collars fit so snugly on the American collar that I left it on and simply slipped the replacement collar on top. Now a 20’’’ Odin burner by Carl Holy sits on it, with the original Carl Holy shoulder chimney.

Fortunately, a short time later I was able to buy an appropriately sized ball shade decorated with blue flowers on eBay USA, which fits the lamp very well. To do this, however, I had to saw a globe holder apart at the side and extend it considerably, because the ball shade has a diameter of 107 mm at the bottom.

This stately lamp is certainly one of the very valuable lamps in my collection.



Lamp Data

Added by me:
Font collar, burner, glass chimney, ball shade and globe holder.

Cleaning and repairs:
Sawed a 100 mm globe holder in half, expanded it and soldered it tight.

Lamp body:
The entire lamp made of white glazed faience pottery by Fourmaintraux Frères, Desvres, painted cobalt blue in the Delft manner. Base triangular, side length 27 cm. Column also triangular, with 3 different genre scenes in the lower part. Imposing size, finely painted. Marked under the foot: France.
The font is an integral part of the lamp. 6-cornered, with 3 different genre scenes, Ø 194 mm. Font collar 46 mm thread for USA #3 burner. Completed with 39.5 mm vase ring (loosely put on top).

20’’’ Odin burner of Carl Holy, Berlin.
Wick knob marked: Odin (Logo of Carl Holy for Export). Black glass insert.
Original flame disc with small disc on pin.
Flat wick 100 mm.

Glass chimney:
20’’’ shoulder chimney. Height 295 mm, Ø fitter 63 mm.
Marked: Logo Odin – 20’’’.

Shade and shade holder:
Ball shade, white milk glass, printed blue flowers and decorative lines (slightly rubbed).
Height 200 mm, Ø fitter 107 and bulge 202 mm.
100 mm globe holder for 20’’’ burners, sawn off and extended for the ball shade.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 62.1 cm, total height with chimney 96.0 cm.
Total weight 4330 g.