© Tsekyi Thür


A remarkable glass lamp made of two different, meticulously hand-cut glasses; a lucky find on eBay Germany! The extraordinary perfection of the cuts indicates a high-quality, expensive lamp for higher demands.

The base is made of black mould-blown glass (with a tear-off hole at the bottom), carefully decorated with long sliced cuts and olive cuts. The transition to the font is made of faceted, colourless crystal glass. The font itself is again made of colourless crystal glass, with sliced cuts at the top and bottom, and completely embellished with diamond cuts on the wall. This very elaborate cut work points to an earlier period of origin, perhaps the lamp is from 1880-1890s. Unfortunately, it is not shown in any catalogue.

The lamp came with an 11’’’ flat burner from R. Ditmar. After I was able to remove the burner from the collar in the acetone bath, I discovered that the flat burner was attached with an adaptor in the 39.5 mm collar. This allowed me to upgrade the lamp considerably with a high quality 20’’’ Gold burner of S&G instead.

After some time, I managed to find a rare glass shade in the shape of a Vesta shade, also made of cut crystal glass. As the fitter of this shade does not fit to usual shade holders, I had to make my own shade holder. This shade could possibly date back to the 20th century. Perhaps it was made as a shade for an electric lamp. But here, too, the cut work is extremely precise.




Added by me:
Burner, glass chimney, glass shade and self-built shade holder.

Cleaning and repairs:
Shade holder made from a globe holder, brass rods and decorative brass band.

Lamp body:
Base of black glass, stepped, with olive and sliced cuts, bottom with tear-off hole, Ø 163 mm. Transition to the font of faceted cut crystal glass.
Font of colourless crystal glass, top and bottom with sliced cuts, on the wall with diamond cut, firmly attached to the foot, Ø 150 mm.

20’’’ Gold burner of Schwintzer & Gräff, Berlin.
Wick knob marked: Gold-Brenner. Colourless-transparent glass inlay against a black background.
Original flame disc without brand and with long sieve tube.
Flat wick 95 mm.

Glass chimney:
20’’’ Matador chimney with slim bulge. Height 272 mm, Ø fitter 64 mm.
Marked: Matador 20''' - Ferd. Landenberger Flaschnerei Wollmatingen.

Shade and shade holder:
Vesta-type shade, colourless crystal glass with diamond cut (hand-cut), flat upper rim.
Height 157 mm, Ø fitter 205 and bulge 222 mm.
Self-made 210 mm shade holder for 20’’’ burners.

Lamp dimensions:
Height up to collar 27.0 cm, total height with chimney 58.8 cm.
Total weight 2990 g.