© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür

Floor Lamps in the Collection

It is not easy to integrate floor lamps with their large space requirements into a collection that is housed in a relatively small house. That is why there are only three floor lamps in my collection. They are almost the same height.


Floor lamps in the collection
From left: L.023 / L.134 (L&B) / L.232


L.023 as a French "guéridon" lamp is the largest of the three. I was able to buy it in an antique market as a "flower stand" with a very crooked stand (like the Tower of Pisa). The attached table is made of green onyx marble. The lamp got an 18’’’ Kosmos burner by W&W. The large glass shade with the fabric border is my own design.

L.134 by Lempereur & Bernard is a very similar lamp, again with a table, this time made of marble. The large Rochester shade was part of the lamp. The central draft burner by L&B with its own brass font (Lampe Belge) is in service here.

The third floor lamp L.232 is from Great Britain. It is simpler in design, made of wrought iron and copper. The mighty painted glass shade is by S. Reich from Vienna. I have used a Duplex burner by Hinks & Son here.


Hanging Lamps of the Collection

Hanging lamps are no less space-consuming. Some of them are really expansive. Since we live in a house from the Biedermeier period (built in 1829) with quite high rooms (approx. 3.3 m), I have nevertheless managed to hang 10 hanging lamps in different rooms and in the hallway. Mostly hung in corners or directly in front of the high windows, they do not disturb our freedom of movement.

Of the 10 lamps, 6 are adjustable in height. Among them is a French lamp; the rest are of unknown origin. Two hanging lamps (from Belgium and Great Britain) are with lyre suspension, a large hanging lamp from Germany has a fan-shaped shade. Among the hanging lamps is also a hall lamp.


Height-adjustable hanging lamps with majolica vases
From left:
L.028 (Gien) / L.243 / L.040


L.028 is my only representative of high-quality French hanging lamps; the attached lamp has a vase made of hand-painted faience by Gien. The entire hanging fixture is made of cast brass. I have used a 20’’’ Regulus burner with lifter and extinguisher here.

The large L.243 is probably an Austrian hanging lamp, because the large, extremely rare, painted glass shade with a diameter of 40 cm is by Schreiber & Neffen in Vienna. The burner I use is by Brökelmann, Jaeger & Busse with a unique extinguishing system.

L.040 is a medium-sized hanging lamp with a beautiful majolica vase in Art Nouveau. Here I have installed a 20’’’ Matador burner with gallery lifter and extinguisher by Ehrich & Graetz.


Further hanging lamps with height adjustment, partly with tulip shades
From left: L.005 / L.070 / L.242


L.005 is my only hanging lamp in cast zinc with three different nature scenes with birds on the vase. This lamp is one of my first lamps, found in Paris. I reversed the electrification with a 20’’’ Matador burner.

The next two hanging lamps have tulip shades and 6 additional candle holders each. I hung both lamps with crystal drops, as the candle holders have the appropriate holes for them.

The rather expansive L.070 has a majolica vase in Art Nouveau style and a tulip shade of more recent manufacture, but the colour matches very well. I had to completely re-bronze this lamp. The burner is again a 20’’’ Matador burner with raiser and extinguisher.

L.242 is almost the same size as the previous lamp. The included old tulip shade harmonises well with the colours of the Art Nouveau vase. Here, the 20’’’ Intensiv burner from Schubert & Sorge with the matching bottle-shaped chimney provides the powerful light.

The following photo shows four hanging lamps whose height is not variable.


Hanging lamps without height adjustment
From left: L.286 (L&B) / L.334 (Veritas) / L.273 (S&S) / L.308


L.286 by the Belgian manufacturer Lempereur & Bernard and L.334 by the London manufacturer Veritas are beautiful examples of hanging lamps that have a lyre-shaped hanging device. The lamp by L&B captivates with a beautifully painted shade, and the Veritas lamp has a Veritas burner (which is the Royal burner by Schwintzer & Gräff, Berlin) with a quite ingenious extinguisher consisting of 8 fins.

The mighty hanging lamp L.273 by Schubert & Sorge probably used to hang in a large, commercially used room. Here the so-called fan-shaped shade consists of 10 flat, brown-yellow glass panes placed in an iron frame. The mighty burner is a 30’’’ Blitz burner by Fr. Hoffmann (logo: Ueber Land und Meer = Over land and sea).

The last lamp in the photo, L.308, is a particularly beautifully painted hall lamp. Although these lamps have a mechanism with pull chains, their height is not adjustable.