© Arto Hanciogullari und T. Tsekyi Thür

Student Lamps of the Collection

The collection houses six student lamps. Three of them are from the USA and belong to type A. One type B student lamp is from Great Britain; however, I got it from France. And finally, two office lamps by Peigniet-Changeur (type C) are also in my collection. For the explanation of types A, B and C, see the main chapter.


Student lamps from USA
From left: L.147 (Cleveland Safety Lamp) – L.170 / L.137 (E. Miller)


L.147 by Cleveland Non-Explosive Lamp Co. is a worthy successor to the old Kleemann lamps. This lamp is fitted with an Argand-type burner whose wick is moved up or down by turning the shade holder. The Vesta shade also seems to be from the same period.

L.170 as a double student lamp also came from the USA. However, its American provenance may be somewhat doubted, as the mounted burners are typical 10’’’ Kosmos burners of German manufacture.

L.137 is a very well preserved student lamp by E. Miller (illustrated in the 1905 catalogue) with a possibly later, but very well fitting Vesta shade in melon shape.

All three lamps have their original lateral "invert" font without any damage and work very well.


Reading lamps by Peigniet-Changeur and from Great Britain
From left: L.057 and L.154 (both by Peigniet-Changeur) / L.089


L.057 is the well-known, classic office lamp by Peigniet-Changeur with a typical porcelain font decorated with Renaissance motifs in relief. The iron base no longer had a porcelain cover. The green shade is from Great Britain.

L.154 as the second office lamp by Peigniet-Changeur has the font and the base in cobalt blue colour with golden decorations. The shape of these parts differs from the known lamps of this manufacturer; I have not seen them anywhere else. The included pink Vesta shade could be an original part of the lamp.

The larger reading lamp, L.089, is very probably a British lamp. It belongs to type B with its rather simple construction. Here the font is placed directly below the burner.


Piano Lamps in the Collection

There are currently 4 piano lamps in my collection. All of them belong to the simpler variety without additional mirrors.


Four German piano lamps in the collection
From left: L.049 (W&W) – L.148 (Kindermann) / L.111 (Kleemann) – L.162 (K&T)


L.049 by Wild & Wessel (probably made for Schubert & Sorge) captivates with its baroque elegance and beautifully shaped Vesta shade in Art Nouveau form.

L.148 by C.F. Kindermann, on the other hand, carries a rather unusual shade created by myself, consisting of a very flat glass shade (not unlike Wild & Wessel's flat shades) and a crocheted border.

L.111 by Kleemann carries a cardboard shade with pictures of famous composers. Cardboard shades were the preferred shades for piano lamps so as not to compromise their stability. I printed this shade from the patterns of a collector friend and made it myself.

L.162 by Kästner & Töbelmann is a beautiful example in pure Art Nouveau style. The painted glass shade, on the other hand, which I think goes very well with the lamp, is from the USA.