© Tsekyi Thür


I will not close these lines without thanking all the people who - each in his own way - have contributed to my collection and to this website. I thank especially

Monsieur Ara Kebapcioglu ("Monsieur Ara") from Paris for his tireless, well-founded help in all questions about kerosene/paraffin lamps, for the provision of many, in themselves priceless literature sources and of course for the "virus petrolensis", which he inoculated me unsolicitedly and unexpectedly.

Dr. Werner Touché posthumously ( 2019), whose books (“Leuchtende Vergangenheit” = Luminous Past) brought me closer to the historical development of the light sources of mankind and much more.

To my collector friends Jürgen Breidenstein, Gerd Engelmann, Günter Fries, Dr. Ralph Schöneborn for their great willingness to accept me, the ignorant beginner, into their illustrious circle and to help me with specialist knowledge and spare parts.

Mr. Hubert Kühnel, my "Porcelain Doctor" for his unique competence and his great ability in the repair of ceramic and porcelain parts that have risen from the ashes like a phoenix in his hands.

Ms. Tsekyi Thür for the professional design and creation of this website. Without her, the ARTOLUYS website would never have come into life and I would still be desperately pondering how I could set it up myself.

To my cousin Mr. Artur Mirasyedi for his irreplaceable help with some tricky metal repairs. Some rare and expensive burners owe their second life to his incomparable repair skills.

To my son Daniel Hanciogullari for his constructive and innovative collaboration in solving some technical problems.

And finally, even more important than any other:

To my wife Maria Antonietta Malorgio for her indescribable patience and acceptance of such a collection, because she shares me (and also our little house) willingly and benevolently with my 365 “concubines”.

(Post scriptum: Casanova and Don Juan could not possibly display their hunting trophies in showcases, on shelves, on tables, on window sills, on the floor, above the cupboards, sometimes even in three or four rows.  But I succeeded this quite well with my 365 concubines, which fills my collector's heart with satisfaction).

Have I forgotten someone? Yes, yes, indeed. I will also express my thanks to DeepL Translator. Without its help, I would be busy for months translating my German work into decent English.


Since I am also a long-time collector of books, I would like to - following an old tradition of some authors of books - dedicate my website to three people:

To ARA, my buddy from the old days together, because without his shop full of lamps I would not have become a collector of kerosene/paraffin lamps, consequently the collection I am presenting to you would never have been created.

To my dear wife MARIA ANTONIETTA, who takes on all the burdens of such a sprawling collection. Without her benevolence, without her support, this collection would hardly have grown to this presentable size.

To Dr. WERNER TOUCHÉ () posthumously, whose books taught me a lot and also instilled the overpowering desire to publish what was collected with a great deal of accompanying information. I was very lucky to have met him as an agile, enthusiastic collector. I very much wish he were still alive...